Saturday, 18 December 2010

Unit 310 Photo Editing Process

Starting Image adjusted for contrast only, I wanted the lens flare as I felt this was an important style requirement of the image which had a similar effect to the image from one of my influences, Unfortunately in the background there was a tree which is spoiling / intruding into the image, I couldn't move the car or the tree so the only option was to remove it in Photoshop, I would normally try and get the image right in camera, but sometimes there is no other way.

The final image 
After editing in Photoshop and about 12 layers each with a role to play from the simple cloning of the tree out to replicating the flare over the cloned areas, and finally importing another image section for the rear view mirror image.

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  1. Hi
    As usual well recorded data and labels along with informative screen grabs and well written blogs. You are looking well on track, keep an eye out on any missing or weak criteria and spend a little time on them if required.