Saturday, 18 December 2010

Unit 310 Calendar Styles

 I'm at the to point were I have finalized my images and am now looking to import them into a calendar profile, I now have to decide which styles I like and want to use  and which images will go where.

I have a couple of options, the purist way would be to produce my own template in photoshop then send this to a printer (see Previous blog entry).... or the easy way would be to use an online printers template and just put my images into the one I like, I think this will be the way I will go, It's easier and probably quicker too.

There is a multitude of web based online printer companies out there such as Blurb or Bobs Books, right the way through to Tesco's, the two companies that I may be using is DS Colour Labs and Bob Book, both of these suppliers I have been using these for my photos and I am happy with their quality and turnaround of the products.

Here is the Bob Books online system:

With endless possibilities of layout options which you can amend to suit your wishes

DS Colour Labs has a similar system but has not the flexibility of design of Bob books, you cannot move image boxes around or resize the frames. but still a good option as it is quick and easy to produce quality images.

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  1. Hi
    Good and shows me what you have been looking at as regards layouts and options for design, etc..And of course ds colour labs have proven to be reliable and high quality before.