Saturday, 20 November 2010

Unit 310 Produce your own calendar in Photoshop

Originally I was going to have a workflow process which included using my monitor at home which I have calibrated to the output of the online colour profile of DS Colourlabs and I was getting them to print off my calendar, unfortunately after talking to Mr Steve our lecturer, he is of the opinion that part of this units requirement is for me to physically print my images on a printer next to the computer, rather than what is basically a remote printer at DS Colourlabs! .... so I'm going to produce my own calendar in photoshop and use A4 sized luster photo paper. Following on from my previous conversation with my lecturer and aaan email conversation with City and Guilds (or not) we can to the conclusion that I may be able to produce a local image on the college printer to show that I am able to produce colour calibrated prints, then for my finished product I will go the Bob Books as this is a cheaper and more durable option. 

The following process is for example purposes and I will not be using this process again because of the costs and the ascetics as the image does not present itself as well when the calendar is over the image.

Make Your Own 2010 Calendar in Photoshop

I just got a calendar file (.psd) from my friend, and I already used it to create unique calendars. So I would like to share how to create your own 2010 calendars by using this calendar file. Not only for your own 2010 calendar, but you can also create nice and unique 2010 calendar for your friends, family, etc. Moreover, you can create the calendar for selling as well. Anyway, before I go over into details, I would like to show before/after images as shown below.

1. Download zip file CLICK HERE. Unzip this file “” to get “2010.psd”.
2. Then, open “2010.psd” with Adobe Photoshop.
3. Let’s look at the layer pallet and you will see each layer containing date of each month in 2010.
4. I will demonstrate you how to use this file (so easy) to create the calendar of January 2010. Let’s open a photo.
5. Duplicate layer by right click and select duplicate layer.
6. Select the destination file which you would like the layer to be on and the click OK.
7. After clicking OK, you will see at the layer named “January” in the layer pallet over the background layer.
8. You may see that layer named “January” is so small because my photo is very large. I am not worried about this problem because my layer “January” is text which I can expand as big as I want.
9. Use free transform command (Edit>Free Transform) to expand size of text until you are satisfied with overall size. What’s more, you can add effect into the text such as dropping shadow, blending layer, etc.
10. Add some additional text if you like.
11. You will get nice and unique 2010 calendar which is ready to print and /or send to someone for this New Year.
12. You can try another style like this as well.

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    make sure that the one you chose does not interfere with how the viewer reads the image as some may work better than others, discuss.