Friday, 19 November 2010

Unit 310 Photo Imaging Output workflow

In  this blog entry I will be providing clear and consistent evidence of my understanding of the workflow process that is involved in producing images. every thing from selecting the method of image production to identification of image output problems and resolution of the issues.

So to put it basically what is my workflow:

  • Camera.. take a picture with a DSLR on the RAW quality setting
  • PC... download the RAW file to the pc
  • Photo editing software.... adjust the RAW file image as required
  • PC... save the finished file as a TIFF and JPEG
  • Back up all images as TIFFS to separate back up hard drive
  • Online printer..... send JPEG file to the online printer for printing of single prints, books or calendar
  • Burn to CD/ DVD for client
  • Send images or proofs by email to the client

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