Friday, 19 November 2010

Unit 212 Resource, time and costs

In this Blog entry I will be providing clear and consistent evidence of resources used, time require to complete the task and total estimated costs that would have been required had this been an actual commissioned brief.

Because this brief/ unit was part of course I have obviously tried to source materials and subjects that have not cost me anything. to that end I shall produce estimated costs for the resources used.

College course time 16 weeks = 16 days total work divided between 3 units, plus additional days of my own time.

The resources involved in this brief were basically as follows:

  • Insurances and my time costs
I have house insurance which covers my equipment, had this project been an actual business process I would have had to made sure every process was covered from my equipment through to public liability. 

Public liability costs about £375 this also include professional indemnity so that had the work not been suitable and I will be sued by the customer it will cover this possibility.

My cost had I been charging for my time would depend on how you set up the process, either you put in a cost for the whole job (fixed price) or you charge by the hour. To give you an idea my wedding work I charge around £600 for a full days shooting and editing time and a 26 page wedding album, this works out at about £23 per hour and out of this I need to buy the album.
  • camera and lens
the camera and lens I used cost approximately £3000 to buy and would to hire cost for 3 days £59

            • support equipment such as tripods, lighting andd reflectors
            To buy my equipment my tripod a Manfrotto 055XPROB cost £125 plus £55 for a three way head, to rent would have cost me £25 for three days 

            Flash Equipment I borrowed from the college was again free, to buy would have been around £900, and to hire for three days would have been £60 and  £25 for the battery pack

            Bowens Triggers cost about £300 for transmitter and receiver, again the college one was free to hire would be £9

            • people to photograph including accessories and clothing
            My model Emma cost me £20 per hour which is a very good price, this reason being is that I bartered with her and she was free that day and the shoot was at her home location, had we had three models for the two hours each it would have cost me £120 for this brief.
            • cars and materials to photograph
            Cars again were free this time due to knowing someone who knows someone with some cars, had we have had to hire out car then the cost would have been approximately £500 per car for the full day

            • pc/ Mac including appropriate software to download, edit and process images
            Again my mack and Adobe CS4 software to buy was about £1200 for the Mac and £400 for the software. to hire would be 

            • CD// Mac/ Printer, paper and ink to enable output of images to the relevant source
            Dependent on what output method I would require the cost could be negligible, CDs are pence to buy and burn. Printers obviously cost more around £600 for a HP Photosmart B9180 A3, and £43 to hire for three days. The college computer which is also HP Photosmart B9180 A will be free to use, but there is a cost for paper which includes the ink usage and this is £3.50 per A3+ sheet.

            So all in all what would have been cheaper to do... Buy and borrow or Hire

            The results are in

            Buy and borrow have cost me ... £5,720
            To hire would have cost me     ... £1,800
            The actual costs were               ... £70 including purchasing three calendars

            The end result is that obviously as I had all this equipment already the actual cost of the shoot was £40 for one model, but had this been a commercial shoot it is significantly cheaper to hire, the flip side to this is that if you are using the equipment on a daily basis then the reverse is true it then become cheaper to buy over the long term.

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