Monday, 1 November 2010

Unit 212 Photographic Influences and styles 03

Dmitry Popov

Dmitry is a Russian Photographer living in San Francisco, America I haven't found out a lot about his history, but the important thing is that I love is images, he is another photographer who can reproduce the style, charisma and glamour of a bygone age both in the vehicles and subjects he photographs. In the following images Dmitry has produced he is focusing his attention equally between the car and the model they could be use in either a car or  fashion shoots

Most of the images I like from Dmitry are in black and white (not all) the main reason I like this is the timeless feel to them.

I this image the roles are almost reversed the model is the photographer and in character too with an old camera too! the style is glamorous and classy, again similar to the other photographer I have seen the close crop helps to focus the viewer to both the car and the model, the diagonal line of the bonnet drawing the eye up to the model, both on the thirds, I think the lighting is ambient, which is slightly underexposed, with a touch of fill flash to bring out the details.

In this image the style I think he is trying to portray is young independent women with expendable cash to buy fine clothes, cars and consumables such as cameras, this is a similar style that was used in the 60s advertising images. The landscape orientation and cropping helps to use the lines of the car to take the viewer to the women situated at the rear of the car, almost on the thirds.

This is one of my favourite images from Dmitry, it reminds me of the early 60s films, something along the lines of north by north west etc, all of his images have an almost film like feel to them, it evokes a 'we can do anything' feel to it, flashy cars, stylish women and powerful men, very 60s America. again all the major components are on the thirds, the woman's eyes, the plane and the car. shot in harsh sunlight so I assume some sort of  fill has been used either flash or reflectors.

The image right was from another set of Dmitry's this time for bicycles,  I like this image for it's simplicity of set up  the woman in the foreground on the thirds leading the viewer to the car and driver, again show women as independent, the road line also carries you through the image, as the strong shadows suggest this was shot in harsh sun, the ambient lighting underexposed with some fill to pick out the woman. I like the dramatic feel to this image due to the stormy clouds (I like clouds) helped by it being black and white.

A young and carefree couple stop during their journey, she dressed in her finest outfit for picking up her partner, the war is won and America is riding high of consumerism. well....  that what the image says to me.

Another great image, not all of the car but enough to see what it is, great fashion pose and look for the model on the thirds again. nice clear background, apart from the road could have been taken in a studio.

I told you that some of his images were in colour, and here is one to prove it I don't think it's any the worse for it. Yet again a young independent woman in her finery, lines galore here leading you down the road, strong sunlight again with some fill. the colour adding to the theme in this instance, the dress contrasting against the drab of the car and location.

All of Dmitry's images tell a story and in my opinion that's what it's all about, a single picture worth a thousand words.
To see more of Dmitry's images follow the link:

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    The style and prep of this as regarding wardrobe, models and cars takes time and high levels of prep. Compare this work to yours, how well did you do and identify using words such as perspective, use of colour, tonal range, focal point, etc.. use the right vocabulary to describe what you are seeing of value in other photographers work and adding to your own.