Saturday, 23 October 2010

Unit 212 Photographic Influences and styles 01

Mark Peterman

The first thing about this image that hits me is the amount of detail that has been retained, there are a couple of ways of doing this, use a medium format  film camera, or use extra lighting, in this instance I think he has use natural light with some reflectors or fill flash. The composition has the model looking forwards into the scene roughly on the left hand thirds, which is always the best side as when reading is left to right.

Again both on the thirds with the main subject having reflected fill lighting, you can see this in the reflection on the door window. a polarising has been used to enable us to see the driver.

this image has the feel of a young and carefree couple, the girl look well kept, whilst the car is rusty which are at odds with each other creating interest.

Another setup, this time using gels on the flash red on one and blue on the front with possibly another filling to the models face.

classic thirds composition with three focus points the main one being the girl the second the man and the last being the seat, this creates a triangle and continually brings your eye back to the girl

The style of this shot suggest to me young and dynamic, this is possibly a fashion/ makeup shoot, flawless finish on the makeup, the man is looking forwards into the future, whilst the girl is looking back, are they leaving somewhere? a new life together or just off the shops before they close to get more flawless makeup?

This is another classic thirds composition in this fashion shot, but this time including lines to draw the viewer into the picture, it's telling a story, the woman is in businesslike dress, semi formal, the shadows suggest the end of the day and she is walking away up the stairs, possibly home to the house in the distance.

what is the photographer trying to say? possibly that wearing these clothes they will look as good at the end of the day as they do at the start?

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  1. Hi
    Good focussed research and development of ideas, and you talk about the images in a clear and concise way as we discussed via the research handout.
    I need to see more blogs like this about fashion, portrait and car photography on their own then add what you learn from each to your subject.