Monday, 25 October 2010

Unit 205 Ambient and Flash Exposure explained

Here is a very American video, apart from this very useful and explains the process of matching ambient and flash exposure.

Basically your outside, you want to expose for the ambient light whilst using a fill flash.
  1. use the manual setting on your camera
  2. you have to set your camera to the camera max shutter speed otherwise the camera won't see the flash (on my Canon it's 1/200 sec) 1/160 is normally pretty good to give you some room to move
  3. as you haven't much leeway on the shutter speed, the only way of letting more or less ambient light into your is by adjusting your aperture to suit
  4. adjust your flash power to suit the aperture
  5. adjust shutter speed to suit your image preferences i.e. slower to overexpose the ambient, faster to underexpose

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