Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Brief and Process

After a discussion with Mr Steve our long suffering lecturer, We came to an agreement as to what my brief will be and this is what it is!

In summary I shall be producing 12 images of prestige cars with accompanying models to be used to produce a calendar.

How interpret the brief is down to my personal artistic design, I originally wanted to get classic cars with models in period dress that would have suited the car ages, as I can only have some modern and some classic car available to me I shall have a range of  of styles of cars and model dress being in the calendar. I'm now thinking of getting the models to wear party, cocktail dresses, high heeled shoes, fancy jewelry etc to standardize on the theme.

It shall be a car and model shoot in an editorial style the background slightly underexposed and blurred with additional  studio lighting to emphasize the both the car and the model. As the time of year that we will be shooting is Autumn I will be hoping to get rich autumnal colours accenting and complementing the cars and models.

The end result image or impression I am wanting to portray is one of opulence, richness of colour, an insight into a better , there will be a main image emphasizing the car with the model as accessorizing then side thumbnails with abstracts of the car and the model

The image below from Mark Peterman epitomizes the style I'm wanting to achieve.

To be continued......

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