Monday, 27 September 2010

Unit 212 Photographing cars and flash

Here is a link to a quick video about photographing cars with flash, no technical stuff just fun to watch.... wait till the end for the results!

Ken Brown, who also took an awesome photo of a Mercedes 300SL using just two speedlights, has posted a YouTube video of himself shooting some spiffy cars.

He uses a single SB-24 speedlight, handheld in a softbox, and walks around each classic car popping the flash in a darkened room with the camera shutter left open.

Its hard to see what he is doing, because he is only visible during the flashes. But the payoff comes when he shows you the final photos. Amazing stuff this, especially for one small flash.

Turn all the lights off in garage or wherever you can fit your car. Bulb exposure. Grab a speedlight and a softbox, start at one end of the car, flash, take a couple steps over, flash, and repeat until you're at the end of the car. I found this does not work well if you're shooting the car completely horizontal. There will be inconsistencies in the exposure since your body will be blocking areas of the car when others are flashed. 3/4 front or rear angle works best and start from the point furthest from the camera. Give the front a flash or two as well. I find in the dark with the flash set to 1/2 power, I usually get about f11 give or take a stop.

Best to have a black background with a setting free of clutter. White and silver cars work the best. Red works to a degree. Black doesn't against a black bg. Maybe grey or white. I've done this to many cars and it works pretty well. Just make sure you have a nice clean background.

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