Saturday, 18 September 2010

A New Beginning 'let the force be with be with you'

A new academic year a new beginning.......

this time I'm working towards the City and Guilds Level 3 Diploma the units I require to work on are units 205, 212 and 310. I have already completed three units from previous years which work towards this diploma these units were 306, 307 and 211.

I have been thinking of what brief I shall be working towards, I immediately thought of an editorial shoot of cars with models on location mainly because my main passion is portraits and this would include a theme to add interest. I then thought OMG how much work will this be... so then it was back to the drawing board and was thinking of macro studio working with still life advertising. I was in a quandary  because I'm a big believer that to really take a good picture with interest etc you have to be involved with the subject .... a passion for it. After a brief discussion with 'Mr Steve' the lecturer I didn't take much persuading  to revert back to my original idea of editorial cars and girl portraits,

such as:

So... what will I need.... 

As I working on a location shoot with a car and a model, I will need a car preferably a classic convertible, a model in period clothing and some where to shoot, then I will need a camera, my 5DMKII, some portable studio equipment, I have some speedlites flash, wireless triggers and soft boxes and I can borrow the college's studio equipment and battery units. 

How do I go about getting a car... well I was thinking about contacting a local classic car group to see if they are interested in using one of their car for a photo shoot.  I am in regular contact with various modes who may be willing to work with me, and I live in a location with plenty of woods, fields, tracks and plantations when there will plenty of photographic opportunities.

There are two sections that Steve wants me to work towards, one the cars side of things, the second is a fashion side. The car side of things is pretty straightforward, but the fashion will have to link in so I suppose it will be period fashion, I was thinking maybe 60s/ 70s, mini skirts and knee boots, suppose I could watch a few Austin Powers films to get an idea... now where is that video clip that Mr Steve likes so much?

Ah.... here it is...

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